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The Sewing Circle - the longest running amateur radio net in Australia


So how did it begin?

Here's an interesting article from a 1986 March issue of AR Magazine, written by Bob Jackson VK7NBP (SK) Falmouth House, Falmouth, Tas. 7215

The Tasmanian Sewing Circle is not what it seems. For one thing there is not a needle in sight. But, there are morse keys ,valves and aerials aplenty.

 This name is a long-standing 'nickname' for a group of about 50 dedicated amateur radio enthusiasts, mostly retired men, who get-together each evening for a chat over the air waves.
They come from all over Tasmania and their conversation covers almost every subject imaginable.
The Circle began in 1962, when the late Jack Batchelor VK7JB and his friend Snowy Harrisson VK7CH, maritime mobile on the MOORINA, had daily conversations on 80metres.
The mode used was CW, (it had to be as Snowy swears that he does not own a microphone, even to this day). Jack used an army 122 set. 
They were soon joined by the late Bob O'May VK7OM and others, but the mode changed to SSB when Snowy was not on the net. They earned their nickname one evening when the session delayed the Batchelor's mealtime.
Jack's wife Joy VK7YL, said that the men reminded her of a group sewing circle at school - a select group of students who were allowed to talk as they sewed.
Jack protested that it was a strange comparison for a bank manager, a marine engineer, and an Army officer. However, despite his protests, the name stuck and is still in use to this day.Original Sewing Circle Net Award
In 1981, Joe Brown VK7BJ, presented a framed photograph of a sewing machine which was to be awarded annually to the most loquacious member of the group. For the last three years, a barbeque has been held at the home of Bill VK7NRV, where the presentation is made. The winner is the sole judge of the recipient for the next year. The current holder is Owen VK7OL.

(Thanks to Bob VK7FRKL for finding this article)



1986 – Present

The Tasmanian Sewing Circle has continued unabated to the present day with various net controllers and stand-ins.

Notable among these gentlemen are VK7AY Don who went about the business of keeping the troops in order for a good number of years. He was ably assisted by Frank VK7CK when away on trips.

Cedric VK7CL usually runs the net these days and is assisted by Gavin VK7VTX, Brian VK7ABY and Alex VK7FALX with relays when conditions are dodgy or the usual net controller is away.

The barbecues and presentation of the trophy continued to be held at various venues until about 2006 when Don VK7AY had the idea that a central location be arranged to encourage more participants to attend.

It was further decided to have a registration donation with funds raised going to Radio Clubs around the state for the maintenance and licence fees of repeater stations.

IMGP0014 2

The location chosen and now used is on the bank of the Macquarie River at Ross adjacent to the Ross Caravan Park.

SewingCircleNetTrophy CurrentAnd every year come rain, hail or shine, amateurs flock from all over the state (as well as from the big island to the north), to share a great weekend with fellow amateurs and their families, in a most picturesque location as the Sewing Circle Net trophy is once again awarded to the 'most loquacious' amateur operator who has operated on this net over the past year.

IMGP2312 185

So now that you're here, check the date for the next Meet The Voice weekend, put yourself on the subscription list on the contact page and make sure you clear the calendar to join us at the next Meet The Voice event weekend.

And don't forget to tune in to the The Tasmanian Sewing Circle Net at 1700hrs Local time any day of the week on 3.590 Mhz in Winter and 7.120 Mhz in Summer and join in on a very friendly group who can help you with almost any question you may have regarding all things Tasmanian (and on occasions possibly even the meaning of life).

73 and looking forward to your company at our next event, Cedric VK7CL


All pictures courtesy Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW