brought to you by the 'sewingcircle net'  - Tasmania, Australia
1700hrs on 3.640mhz AEST and 7.120mhz AEDT

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The Sewing Circle Net

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Welcome to the Tasmanian 'Sewing Circle Net'

As the oldest continuous Amateur Radio net in Australia, the Tasmanian 'Sewing Circle Net' is a great place to drop in, say gidday and enjoy the company of fellow amateurs from all walks of life.

It's here that you will be able to discuss and solve just about any problem in the known universe, hear some tall (and occasionally true) tales, learn and share some of the best food recipes in Australia, and if you're traveling around the state, you will find a wealth of knowledge about anything and everything you may need to know from well informed locals, to make your trip here even more enjoyable.

Having run for over 50 years, the Sewing Circle Net is a veeeery relaxed and friendly way to enjoy the company of other fellow amateurs, and the present net controller Cedric VK7CL, is always ready to find a slot and help you fit in.

So don't hesitate, join us any night of the week to relax, share a yarn and tell us what you've been up to, whether you're a local Tasmanian, a visitor to the state, or even if you can hear us across the pond on the bigger island north and of course we're not an ignorant lot here, we'll even talk to Kiwi's if they can make the distance (;->

Don't forget to catch up on the next Meet the Voice Event here and come with us as we take a trip back into the past and share with you a bit of History of the Tasmanian Sewing Circle Net right here.

The 'Sewing Circle Net' Facts

Freq Used: 3.640mhz during winter and 7.120mhz +/- QRM in summer.

When: Every day at 17.00hrs AEST/AEDST.

Who can join: Any licensed amateur operator.

Net Protocol: Put your call in anytime when an amateur has finished their over and is passing it to the next operator, or wait for the net controller to ask for any operators listening to join in.

What to say: Anything you want to (as long as it's not against the law). You'll find the topics range from the meaning of life to the best way to cook fish, and if you need help with directions, or how to fix something, then this is a great place to start.

NB: Newcomers, F calls and reluctant operators are always very welcome and you'll soon find you're in relaxed company on the Sewing Circle Net.